Another Day: Milky Clear Vinyl LP
Fucked Up

Another Day: Milky Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: F***ed Records
Release Date: 9th August

Love this band, they make guttural hardcore punk but the music is absolutely massive and the guitars shred with the kind of guitar solos that punk was fighting against, yet it only makes them more so. 

Fucked Up formed in 2001 in Toronto, Canada - Meeting each other through the local diy hardcore punk scene they developed a cult following early on which blossomed into a long career of releasing genre expanding music

"Another Day" is their 7th full length album, they have released over 60 7" singles, countless hours of open-format guitar music, and toured consistently all over the world since early in their career.

Their first three LPs, "Hidden World," "the chemistry of common life," and "David Comes to Life" have all been canonised as classic, critically acclaimed, genre defining efforts. The three to follow, "Glass Boys," "Dose Your Dreams," and "One Day" have challenged expectations in scope, style, and delivery, the latter which was written and recorded within the span of 24 hours.

Alongside their LPs, the band have been releasing their more experimental "Zodiac" series since 2006. Fucked Up have released 9 12"s of compositional, genre- less, long format songs (20mins plus) corresponding to the Chinese Zodiac, diving ever deeper into narrative forms including a 4 act opera (year of the horse), a musical palindrome ("onno").

Fucked Up has toured the world extensively and under extraordinary circumstances - a vegetable oil powered school bus through the mountains of the American West Coast, a literal slow boat to China across the sea of Japan, and of course a humble van on any highway that will have them - and bring the same idiosyncrasy to the stage that they do to their records.


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