Alive 2007: Double Vinyl LP
Daft Punk

Alive 2007: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Daft Life Ltd. 
Release Date: 9th September

In all likelihood the most iconic live tour of the century, with the robots playing their untouchable mix of electronic disco funk rock on a Pyramid Spaceship thing. I wake up every morning regretting I never got to see this show but luckily this masterpiece of live album is back on Double Vinyl LP. 

Side A:

01. Robot Rock
02. Oh Yeah
03. Touch It
04. Technologic
05. Television Rules The Nation
06. Crescendolls

Side B:
01. Too Long
02. Steam Machine
03. Around The World
04. Harder Better Faster Stronger
05. Burnin’
06. Too Long

Side C:
01. Face To Face
02. Short Circuit
03. One More Time
04. Aerodynamic
05. Aerodynamic Beats
06. Forget About The World

Side D:
01. Prime Time Of Your Life
02. Brainwasher
03. Rollin’ And Scratchin’
04. Alive
05. Da Funk
06. Daftendirekt
07. Superheroes
08. Human After All
09. Rock ‘n’ Roll

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