Lucky Dog: Vinyl LP
Lucky Dog: Vinyl LP
Dwaal Troupe

Lucky Dog: Vinyl LP

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Label: All Records
Release Date: 10th February

Yet again, another record I'm going to find myself copy and pasting links into all my mates whatsapp's about 'this is a bit of you', 'I'm obsessed with this record', 'have you listened to that record, PAL!?' 
This is the kind of indie record where a tape, CD or now a record or link gets passed around and when it clicks, it's a favourite record, it has that spontaneous DIY creativity of Elephant 6 and your favourite alt-rock records from the early 90s or early 00s or just now. 

For those who dig: Elephant 6, Sebadoah, early early bandcamp Car Seat Headrest, Post Office Winter, Wednesday, Kiwi Jr...

First vinyl release of Chicago upstarts Dwaal Troupe, a band led by and featuring Kai Slater (guitarist from Lifeguards & editor of zine Hallogallo)
Together with Horsegirl, Post Office Winter, and others, Dwaal Troupe is leading a much-heralded burgeoning youth indie music scene in the windy city. Lucky Dog is a perfect blend of Elephant 6 DIY aesthetic, with elements of both Guided By Voices and Sebadoh in the mix and at play as well. In her 2022 Bandcamp Daily profile A Guide to Chicago's Young Indie Scene, Anna White describes Dwaal Troupe's music as having a circus- y playfulness, akin to Elephant 6 recording artists still lo- fi, but favoring off- kilter acoustics and harmonies. This aesthetic shines through in the shimmering power of the first single from the album, the title track Lucky Dog. Other standout tracks include € Shakes the Walls at Night, I've Told You Better, and Start A House Fire.

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