English Leather: White Eco-Friendly Vinyl LP

English Leather: White Eco-Friendly Vinyl LP

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Label: Blame Recordings
Release Date: 28th October

Lead single from Nancy suggest we may be in for the kind of fuzz glam rock Slade'esque stomper that gets this shopkeeper weak at the knees but there's also a hint the album may contain more flavours of the DIY pop rainbow like the swooning disco psych-pop of second single 'Would You Be My Judy' that has a shimmer of ABBA meets Harry Nilsson... Hold on, this may be the most perfect 70s record of all time.

For those who dig: DIY oddball pop chameleons. Lemon Twigs, Slade, Harry Nilsson, Paul McCartney...

After surfacing online with an unknown identity Nancy has been described as a musical auteur, a provocateur, a surrealist, both male and female, a mysterious necromancer, in the same sentence both classy and trashy, weird and wonderful, Sgt Peppers for degenerates.

Raised in conservative North East England, Nancy acted in ways that seemed out-of the-ordinary - combined with abnormal physical features, “Nancy” was both a punchline & label throughout the songwriter’s formative years.

Beginning as a DIY form of escapism, a pop music obsession began. It’s these past lives & vivid influences that are reimagined and regurgitated to create a cocktail of lo-fo cabaret sass contorted with art-dream-pop deformities - an invitation to a fantasy world to get lost in.

Format Details: Eco-friendly vinyl 
· Over 60% reduction in energy consumption
· 85% reduction in carbon impact
· Pressed from a unique innovative plastic
· Less waste
· Faster manufacturing
· More recyclable
· Audio quality as good as standard vinyl – in fact the manufacturers claim that the quality can exceed standard pressing due to the benefits of injection moulding
- White Colour LP

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