Friendly Fires (15th Anniversary Edition): Silver Vinyl LP
Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires (15th Anniversary Edition): Silver Vinyl LP

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Label: XL Recordings
Release Date: 8th September

Remember music blogs? Remember hypemachine? Remember remixes stronger than the originals? Remember tight jeans being 'your thing'? Remember bands also doing dance stuff and the frontperson playing a drum keyboard thing that you weren't sure actually made any sound? Then you'll remember St. Albans favourite (and possibly only) musical children Friendly Fires. Commuter town* electro pop at it's finest.

*i think you'll find St. Albans is (bafflingly) a city *snarfsnarf*

‘Friendly Fires’ was the debut album from the St Albans-three piece, Ed McFarlane, Edd Gibson and Jack Savidge. Featuring hit singles ‘Jump In the Pool’ and ‘Paris’, it was an era-defining record. It launched the band to huge critical and commercial success, nominated for The Mercury Prize and a Brit Award. The LP is now reissued for its 15th Anniversary on silver vinyl.

  1. Jump in the Pool
  2. In The Hospital
  3. Paris
  4. White Diamonds
  5. Strobe
  6. On Board
  7. Lovesick
  8. Skeleton Boy
  9. Photobooth
  10. Ex Lover

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