Home Decor: Vinyl LP
Danny Scott Lane

Home Decor: Vinyl LP

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Label: WRWTFWW Records
Release Date: 24th February

If you're like me, you want that mid-century minimalist living but maybe you're living on a middle-ages budget, dreaming of that sunken lounge and plush wraparound sofa living, that deep pile rug, rich oaks and soft oranges. Luckily Danny Scott Lane's 'Home Decor' allows you to listen, close your eye and jump into that plush instagram mid-century photo grid. Soft and luxurious funk and sophisticated Japanese fusing jazz soul, it sounds like a well constructed chair that you'd balk at the price 'how can a chair be the same price as a new family car?'. 

For those who dig: Those Light in the Attic Japanese light jazz and electronic new age comps.

WRWTFWW Records is very pleased to present Home Decor, the sixth full length album from New York born, Los Angeles based ambient / jazz / downtempo musician Danny Scott Lane, available in a limited edition vinyl (500 copies worldwide) housed in a heavy 350gsm sleeve with an artwork from 3D virtual designer Lucas Barbuzzi, as well as in digital format.

Danny Scott Lane’s heartwarming 10-track affair is its very own kind of nostalgia-tinted modern chill out music, a silky cocktail of 80s synths and exotica seduction gently carried by Matt Elliot Gooden’s sensuous saxophone. Dare we say ambient smooth jazz? Add hints of italo, minimalism, and fusion, and you there you have it: Home Decor, a perfect soundtrack for cozy situations, one last drink on the balcony, strolls by the beach, relaxing, thinking back, possibly even gardening and cooking something delicious.

Highlights such as "Champagne Spill", "Baby’s First Balcony" and "Twin Bed" are not to be missed and should allow for a bit of (well-deserved) breathing in the tumultuous times the world is going through. Home Decor, indeed a rare gem to soothe the mind, body and soul.

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