Is There Love In Outer Space?: Clear Vinyl LP
Jimi Tenor & Cold Diamond & Mink

Is There Love In Outer Space?: Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Timmion Records
Release Date: 31st May

You know we can't resist that vintage sci-fi soul jazz funk in space, especially when it's accompanied by what sounds like the astro vapours of gospel singing astronauts still haunting the space*.

*please nobody tell me this is scientifically impossible, I have tried to watch the Brian Cox things and my brain instantly shuts down on account of it being full of Steely Dan information.

Multi-genre album with crossover potential, blending jazz, soul, funk, and electronics. Cult artist active since the early 1990s who has released records on labels like Warp and Kindred Spirits. Fresh collaboration between singular vocalist/musician and the Cold Diamond & Mink band. LP Housed in vintage style Tip-On Sleeve. There are certain occasions when you can truly feel the stars align. One of these is when the interstellar voyager of cosmic soul Jimi Tenor finally lands his spaceship at full force on a Timmion recording. In 2024, he will be serving us two spaced out album sessions recorded together with Cold Diamond & Mink. Jimi is no stranger in these space ways as he has operated behind the Timmion scenes for years, furnishing several of the label’s artists with his flute and reeds artistry. The first album out is titled “Is There Love In Outer Space?”, which begs the question with the force of five extended tracks that are guaranteed to blow your mind to the stratosphere. The pieces are loaded with whooshing and glistening synth noises and span from lofi space funk to cinematic soundscapes. The sweetly floating title track is like some of those galactic ballads that rare soul collectors are spending their pensions on. At the other side of the spectrum, album closer ‘What Are You Doing?’ sounds like Sun Ra sat down at a JBs session, and is straight up meant to get that booty moving. Combined with the raw soul prowess of CD&M, Jimi is able to refine new shades from his already impressive repertoire of talent. Even if you are a friend of his previous work you might not have heard him get down quite like this.

Side A:
1. Is There Love In Outer Space?
2. Gaia Sunset pt.1
3. Gaia Sunset pt.2.

Side B: 
1. Orbiting Telesto
2. Laputa
3. What Are You Doing?

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