Paradise: Yellow Vinyl LP
Healing Potpourri

Paradise: Yellow Vinyl LP

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Label: Run For Cover
Release Date: 5th August

This is Limited Addition Records-core, sunbleached chamber-pop that nice chill slumber rock, that lucid in between of a dream and fully away, it's the sound of having a few nice drinks and swaying in a hammock on a porch and who doesn't want that life? 

For those who dig: chill to the core soft rock and psych chamber pop. Post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys, Drugdealer, Sylvie, John Andrews, Marinero and The High Llamas.

Led by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Simi Sohota, Healing Potpourri specialize in effervescent guitar pop that incorporates elements of ‘70s soft rock, chamber pop, lounge, and more, to create songs that are all but guaranteed to leave the listener in a better mood. But on the San Franciscobased band’s sophomore LP, Paradise, the group offers more than just sonic escapism. Written and recorded over the past two tumultuous years, Paradise finds Sohota and company processing the often overwhelming deluge of stress, frustration, and despair that’s become a part of modern life—but rather than be completely deflated, the band have created some of their most vibrant and instantly appealing music to date. The result is eleven hopeful songs that seek to imagine a better world and strive to make it a reality, while still taking the time to appreciate the moments of brightness that can shine through in hard times.  


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