There's No "I" In Spice World: Vinyl LP
Spice World

There's No "I" In Spice World: Vinyl LP

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Label: Meritorio Records
Release Date: 20th January

We live for bands like Spice World knowing that everyone who buys this record is going to be playing it to death, who are going to following everything they do. It's that Australian DIY indie that sounds like it's fraying at the seams, that it's on the verge of falling apart but really this is the most endearing and comfortable sweater you'll ever wear, it's a familiar feel but completely unique and the imperfections are all part of what makes it so special. This is cult inspiring indie at it's finest.

For those who dig: Dick Diver, The Laughing Chimes, Blank Realm, Free Time, Robert Forster, The Goon Sax...

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