Python: White Vinyl LP
Yosa Peit

Python: White Vinyl LP

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Label: Fire Records
Release Date: 11th November

A monochrome kaleidoscope that refuses to be completely defined, it's a re-remembered soul pop record but it's also an ambient record, it's a VHS cassette attempting to enter a digital world and glitching in the transfer, it's a warm record with an icy breeze that sends an exhilarating shiver. It's mad exciting, that's what it is and we're chuffed Fire Records are bringing this 2020 release to wax.

For those who dig: Aphex Twin, Arthur Russell, Bjork, Laurie Anderson, Prince... at least that's what the blurb below is saying and we can't argue?


Debut from genre-defying producer, Yosa Peit. Laurie Anderson meets Bjork; Prince overlapped with Arthur Russell and the hum of Blue Velvet, with jarred and splintered ambient production reminiscent of Aphex Twin. ‘Phyton’ gets a special expanded edition via Fire Records, featuring unreleased tracks; ‘Tyrann’, a live version of the haunting album track ‘Serpentine’ and end of the night lament, ‘Rise’.

‘Phyton’ is a conundrum with its own humour and beauty amid the electronica soundtracking; it’s a record that’s defied genre categories when first released on Tax Free Records two years ago. Yosa’s ascension from singer to producer is now complete.

“In my head I was making a movie,” Yosa told No Wave magazine, “I dreamed up a Coen Brothers’ movie scene for a few tracks.” The result is a haunting, provocative sound; a soundscape where songs merge and splinter, a trip that’s never predictable.

"The production is super fresh" - Holly Herndon.

“Warped lo-fi meets glitchy electronica and pop” - The Vinyl Factory.

A1. Precious Lies
A2. Serpentine
A3. Anthy
A4. Curls
A5. Leaf I
B1. Serious People Chuckle
B2. Elephant
B3. Leaf II
B4. Lin
B5. New Stars
B6. Palm Tree Antenna
B7. Tyrann

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