La couleur de la mer: Vinyl LP
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La couleur de la mer: Vinyl LP

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Label: DeepMatter Records / Root Records
Release Date: 3rd November

That deep soundtrack jazz funk, inspired by the cinematic masters David Axelrod, Morricone and the Italian soundtrack composers who made rich, lush and break heavy compositions, which later found themselves pilthfred by the keenest of hip hop ears.

For those who dig: Axelrod, Italo Funk Soundtracks, BBNG, Budos Band, El Michels Affair, Surprise Chef...

Montreal trio Le Couleur, created by Laurence Giroux-Do, Patrick Gosselin and Steeven Chouinard, first rose to prominence with an electro-pop sound as bright as the lights of the now-defunct Studio 54 with the EPs Voyage Love (2013) and Dolce Désir (2015), followed by the acclaimed P.O.P. (2016) and Concorde (2020). With rich and irresistibly danceable performances, Le Couleur delivers decadent and dynamic shows - full of exhilarating energy.

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