1999: Purple in Tan Double Vinyl LP
Joey Bada$$

1999: Purple in Tan Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Pro Era / EMPIRE
Release Date: 7th October

10 years of a borderline masterpiece, a record that heralded Joey Bada$$ as a potential GOAT. An album that landed as an instant classic, an ode to a golden-era of rapping and production that never sounded 'old school' or with an element of contrived '90s dust', just fully formed as if it's always been an historical record. Goof to have it on wax.

The debut mixtape from Pro Era crew member and Brooklyn MC, Joey Bada$$. Leaning into the golden era sound of hip-hop, Joey Bada$$ garnered widespread acclaim from some of Hip-Hop’s most vaunted tastemakers by crafting a project that paid homage to the 90s, despite only being 17 years old at the time. With the standout tracks, “Waves”, “Survival Tactics”, & “Snakes”, the 15 track album features production from Chuck Strangers, Lord Finesse, MF Doom, & J Dilla, as well as guest appearances from Pro Era members Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Nyck Caution, Rokamouth, Dessy Hinds, Dyemond Lewis, T’nah Apex & the late Capital STEEZ. Pro Era Forever.

A1/1. Summer Knights
A2/2. Waves
A3/3. FromdaTomb$ (Feat. Chuck Strangers)
A4/4. Survival Tactics (Feat. Capital STEEZ
A5/5. Killuminati (Feat. Capital STEEZ)
B1/6. Hardknock (Feat CJ Fly)
B2/7. World Domination
B3/8. Pennyroyal
B4/9. Funky Ho'$
C1/10. Daily Routine
C2/11. Snakes (Feat. T'nah Apex)
C3/12. Don't Front (Feat. CJ Fly)
C4/13. Righteous Minds
D1/14. Where It’$ At? (Feat. Kirk Knight)
D2/15. Third Eye Sh*t (Feat Pro Era, Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, Dyemond Lewis, Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamouth & Dessy Hinds)

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