A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing: Ultra-Clear Vinyl LP

A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing: Ultra-Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Keeled Scales
Release Date: 4th November

Listening to Tenci makes me feel like I'm living with a glitter ball spinning above my head, something quite simplistically beautiful how those things work, just squares of mirror stuck to a spinning ball with a light bouncing off each tiny square, which then spins around the room at an even pace, it feels like the perfect pace for every occasion. There's a romance to them, they tend to come out for special occasions, they're a halo above a couple in love or the cloud over a party, just there, aren't they going about their business. Anyway, Tenci's music has this pace that reminds of its movements and a light that is comforting and brings back a flood of good feeling. 

For those who dig: Keeled Scales who are likely this shop's favourite label of the year, Big Thief, skirts, Squirrel Flower, Indigo Sparks...

A well is a stone-encircled place of depth, keeping an abundance of water for survival. “Well” is also a phrase for pause, for transition in language. Our tears can well up and bubble over. To define ourselves as “well” is the most basic term of goodness.

What’s on the other side of the well? Inside the tunnel of change, or this life, we can either feel intimidated by the darkness of uncertainty, or excited by the possibility of nourishment. Songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Jess Shoman wonders, “what the hell,” why don’t we go for the excess of love we deserve? Tenci’s album A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing becomes a gathering and collection of well-like vessels – cups, puddles, fists – to hold tight to this love and newfound joy.

 A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing is Tenci’s second album, coming after their 2020 debut My Heart Is An Open Field, which introduced Jess Shoman’s music explorations to the world. Shoman admits that their first album dealt with letting go of painful life experiences, resulting in emptiness. In this recent collection of wiser years and distance from that former grief, Tenci carries an opposite feeling, a celebration of self-rejuvenation. A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing shows Shoman steering their inventive music further and wilder, spilling over with 12 fable-like songs. In a combination of milk, coins, glass, water, and light, each song forms a spell to “fill my heart back up,” Shoman says, “by reframing complex feelings by turning my head sideways and seeing them in a different way.” 

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