Appleseed: Translucent + Black Marble Smoke Vinyl LP
Aesop Rock

Appleseed: Translucent + Black Marble Smoke Vinyl LP

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Label: Rhymesayers
Release Date: 16th July

Much needed reissue of a pioneering hip hop release from Aesop Rock, at the time of it's 1999 CD-R release Aesop was an utterly unique voice in hip hop in a time when new artists were redefining the genre 'Appleseed' exhibited a darkness in production, storytelling and a flow that's not just ridiculously tight but has a melodic rhythm that clicks to the tracks. 

For those who dig: lyrical hip hop, jazz samples, BUSDRIVER, DOOM, Mel Sif, Del the Funky Homosapien, Homeboy Sandman...

The explosion of indie Hip Hop labels in the early 90s resulted in an ongoing snowball effect that started to shift the narrative around an artist’s need to sign to a major label. Coincidentally, quality home recording equipment was also becoming more easily accessible and, with the rising popularity of CD-R technology, this allowed artists to write, record, and manufacture their own albums right at home.

Appleseed was a highly celebrated and influential release from that era, cementing Aesop Rock as a new face whose talent could not be denied. The album explores creative concepts with inventive writing and stripped-down yet melodic and melancholic production. Six out of the eight songs were produced by Aesop Rock, with Omega One producing “Sick Friend” and longtime collaborator Blockhead handling “1000 Deaths”, and the project’s sole guest lyricist was Doseone.

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