Before The World: Vinyl LP
Club Kuru

Before The World: Vinyl LP

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Label: Dog Holiday Records
Release Date: 21st June

Club Kuru's 3rd album sounding like the end of the hippy dream with the sound of David Crosby getting all bitter (he would stay that way until his last tweet), the psychedelia getting deeper, more twisted but also the sound of the checks starting to get sweeter and the yacht shopping beginning with the coming of a more soulful languid psych. 
Pure cosmic soul folk yacht indulgence.

Under the leadership of jazz-trained psychedelic force Laurie Erskine, Club Kuru return with their third album ‘Before The World’ after a five year hiatus. This follows the widespread acclaim of their first two albums, which included spots on the 6Music playlist, a sync on HBO's High Maintenance, and a tour alongside Jungle. With members who also lend their talents to acclaimed acts like Moses Boyd and Mercury Prize winner Michael Kiwanuka, Club Kuru seamlessly merges inventive musicality with the ethereal allure unique to psychedelic pop.

A third album which takes Erskine back to his roots. Assembling a new band, a fresh iteration of Club Kuru, he began embracing his passion for jazz, and his thirst for live performance. New album ‘Before The World’ is the result – bold, dynamic, and expressive, it blends the pop-edged psychedelic of his earlier work with a soulful and expansive appeal. Eight tracks, 45 minutes long, two sides of old fashioned vinyl – it’s pristine, finessed, and well worth exploring.

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