Blondshell: Clear Vinyl LP
Blondshell: Clear Vinyl LP

Blondshell: Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Partisan Records 
Release Date: 7th April

I have ALWAYS and will ALWAYS run the '3 bangers and I buy the thing' rule, well Blondshell's debut has 5 songs on the streamers and they all BANG. Hope you have adhere to that same rule too.
Seriously, this is hinting at ROTY stuff, maybe even one of those records that folk harp on about beyond the fact, like 10 years folk saying it's a modern classic. Just good ol' fashioned heart on the sleeve songwriter indie.

For those who dig: Phoebe, Skullcrusher, Why Bonny?, Molly Sarle, Samia, Tomberlin, Wednesday, Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy... that good stuff.

In the past few years, 25-year-old Sabrina Teitelbaum has transformed into a songwriter without fear. The loud-quiet excavations that comprise her hook-filled debut as Blondshell don’t only stare traumas in the eye—they tear them at the root and shake them, bringing precise detail to colossal feelings. They’re clear-eyed statements of and about digging your way toward confidence, self-possession, and relief.
Sabrina shed her previous, pop-leaning project, Baum, and the process emboldened her. Subtracting self-consciousness became a catalyst for the lucid songs of Blondshell, on which her experiences all coalesce to form her truest expressions of self yet. “It was me, as a person, in my songs,” she says. When she showed a few to producer Yves Rothman (Yves Tumor, Girlpool, Porches), he encouraged her to write an album, joining a chorus of friends saying, “This is you.”

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