Bolts: Vinyl LP
Hagop Tchaparian

Bolts: Vinyl LP

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Label: Text
Release Date: 21st October

You don't get much techno on this store, not much electronic dance music tbf either, I kind of don't know how to write about it? Just want good vibes? Want something that feels good and engages you; offers surprises, detailed textures and throws you down a comforting yet unpredictable wormhole of sound? Well that's this record.

For those who dig: Kieran Hebden (it's on his label afterall), Joy Orbison, Daphni, Daniel Avery, Leon Vaynehall...

Kieran Hebden’s Text Records is proud to announce Bolts, the debut album from British-Armenian producer Hagop Tchaparian, set for release in autumn 2022.
“Can I say, my friends call me Hagop? I don’t want people to struggle with my long name. I always liked that Eminem introduced himself and said “hi, my name is….” I think I want to be called Hagop so people find it easy to connect.”
Hagop’s debut album Bolts features ten tracks of hyper-personal rhythm music that mixes techno with field recordings of his travels through Armenian and Mediterranean culture. Early DJ support has come from Four Tet, Gilles Peterson and Nikki Nair. The artwork for Bolts was curated by skateboard, music and sports photography legend Atiba Jefferson.
“As a teenager I would make the pilgrimage to Slam City skateboard shop - I couldn't really afford to buy anything other than Thrasher magazine. I would see Atiba’s photos and get super inspired and want to push across the bridge and go skate Southbank. Downstairs was Rough Trade Records where I would be able to find the music from the music section in Thrasher and music i heard in the background of skate videos that I couldn’t really seem to find anywhere else. Atiba was photographing loads of these bands too so it's absolutely a crazy dream to be able to work with someone who provided so much of the inspiration throughout my life.”

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