Born Like This: Double Vinyl LP

Born Like This: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Lex Records
Release Date: 9th June

DOOM's last proper solo, it's the apex MF record with wrestling, bukowski and comic book references aplenty, that hard industrial lucid funk and a flow like no other, weaving characters, storytelling and mad wordplay like the master he was. A low-key highlight.

Featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and seminal American poet and writer Charles Bukowski with beats from J Dilla, Madlib and ol’ Metal Fingers himself.


SUPERVILLAIN INTRO / GAZZILLION EARÂ / BALLSKIN / YESSIR! feat. Raekwon / ABSOLUTELY / RAP AMBUSH / LIGHTWORKS / BATTY BOYZ / ANGELZ feat. Ghostface Killah / CELLZ feat. Charles Bukowski / STILL DOPE feat. Empress Starhh / MICROWAVE MAYO / MORE RHYMIN / THAT'S THAT / SUPERVILLAINZ feat. Posdnous, Kurious, Mobonix, Prince Paul & Slug / BUMPY'S MESSAGE feat. Freddie Foxxx / THANK YAH

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