Box for Buddy, Box for Star: Red Vinyl LP
This Is Lorelei

Box for Buddy, Box for Star: Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Double Double Whammy
Release Date: 14th June

This Is Lorelei is the project of Nate Amos of Water From Your Eyes and My Idea. Here he is mastering a unique brand of hypertechnicolour country folk meets bedroom synth pop and a piano sound that's a little Bruce Hornsby. This record slaps.

For those who dig: Beck, Eels, Alex G, Water From Your Eyes, My Idea, Lily Konigsberg, @, MJ Lenderman...

Since 2012, New York City singer-songwriter Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, My Idea) has recorded and self-released hundreds of songs under the This Is Lorelei moniker, and perhaps surprisingly, after a decade plus, "Box for Buddy, Box for Star" marks the first attempt at a traditional, intentionally written full-length album

Amos describes the bulk of This Is Lorelei's discography as "unedited diary entries," written and recorded without much forethought, regard for genre or reverence for albums as thematic bodies of work, so oddly enough, "Box for Buddy, Box for Star" is both a fresh start and the culmination of years of diligent, interesting songwriting.

"Box for Buddy, Box for Star" embraces traditional pop songcraft and a confessional, carefully written brand of lyricism, dabbling in the kind of classic singer- songwriter cliches he never imagined toying with-- but not without the counterbalancing force of shitpost-y irony, which listeners have come to expect from Amos. Inspired by the gritty romanticism of Shane MacGowan and the Jim Croce

mimicry of Tim Heidecker's "What the Brokenhearted Do...", the LP exudes both a grizzled charm and youthful intensity. Sonically, Amos adorns the record with quaint country gestures--a full-circle artistic choice for Amos whose father is a veteran bluegrass musician.

And it wouldn't be a Nate Amos release without a few curveballs, like "Dancing in the Club," a bouncy auto-tuned pop song, which he likens to Bruce Hornsby-via- Blink-182, or "Perfect Hand," an intimate piano-led track with vocal samples, alarm bell-like effects and skittering electronic beats. He also mischievously opens the album with a red herring of sorts, "Angel's Eye," a twangy sci-fi country duet about an angel who abducts a cowboy and unintentionally falls in love.

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