Bunny: Powder Blue Vinyl LP
Bunny: Powder Blue Vinyl LP
Bunny: Powder Blue Vinyl LP
Beach Fossils

Bunny: Powder Blue Vinyl LP

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Label: Bayonet
Release Date: 2nd June

Here's Beach Fossils back after a minute, bit rude knowing that we're gasping for some of that sweet swinging dream pop with that graze of post punk edge. A band land somewhere in my soul that I can't shake, those guitars shimmer and glisten like the falling sun on the water.

For those who dig: CASTLEBEAT, DIIV, Wild Nothing, Real Estate...

Brooklyn bedroom-pop trailblazers Beach Fossils’ new album 'Bunny,' is a triumphant return for one of the 2010s most influential NYC bands. 'Bunny' is a precise blend of the luscious dream-pop atmospheres they notoriously honed on their earliest projects, the post-punk vigor expressed on 'Clash the Truth,' and the warm, sophisticated songwriting of 'Somersault.' Composer Dustin Payseur peppers the album equally with descriptions of the joy of fatherhood and the existential pleasure of smoking cigarettes out of a car window with friends--'Bunny' features Beach Fossils' most personal lyrics to-date.

This is a collection of new favorite tracks for fans of every era of Beach Fossils. Releasing on Payseur and his partner Katie Garcia’s own label, Bayonet Records, 'Bunny' will prove to be the culmination of a decade's worth of growth and experience.

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