Colpo Rovente: Vinyl LP
Colpo Rovente: Vinyl LP
Piero Piccioni

Colpo Rovente: Vinyl LP

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Label: Blind Faith
Release Date: 28th July

What is it about obscure psychedelic non-lineal structure serial killer movies from the 1970s that always produce the most bombastic jazz funk and break heavy soundtracks? The heads go wild for this stuff and for good reason, this soundtrack is so addictive, it has moments of lush and rich orchestra before breaking out in a flurry of big blasting band jazz. It slaps alright!

For those who dig: Italian soundtracks, Riz Ortolani, Stelvio Cipriani, Bruno Nicolai, Piero Umiliani... Those lot

Piero Zuffi made this bizarre film set in the seedy underbelly of Off-Broadway productions, hippie communities, S&M bars and bike gangs.

The story follows a serial killer on the loose and an investigator looking into an heiress’ kidnapping. With the help of editor Franco Arcalli, the movie was reconfigured into an effective fever dream with a non-linear structure.

Once more the music composed by maestro Piero Piccioni is better than the movie.

A wonderful kaleidoscope of psychedelic oddness favors the composer’s jazz roots and strong percussion work, but also features delightful bursts of source music as well as the self-contained brilliance of the occasional set pieces— including background scores for the experimental productions of the Off- Broadway world.

This highly addictive score, impossible to find on the original LP released by RCA in 1970 and reissued on vinyl only by South Korean label Beatball can finally benefit from a meticulous restoration from the original master tapes, thanks to the involvement of Piccioni’s family.

It’s exactly like buying a copy in 1970 without any compression and digital artifacts.

Side A
Colpo Rovente,
LSD (red hot),

Side B
Easy Dreamer,
China Town Drugs ,
Colpo Rovente (red hot) ,
Mexican Dream,
Colpo Rovente.

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