Contactos: Vinyl LP
Luis Vecchio

Contactos: Vinyl LP

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Label: Altercat
Release Date: 1st July

HOLY MOLY! You gotta pick this one up, it's batcrap insane jazz-rock, its a Fender Rhodes off it's lead, its a bass guitar threatening to ascend to a different cosmos, I'll be honest, I don't know what it is but I do know it's another incredible reissue from Altercat who have dug up another gem this time from Argentinian keyboard-astronaut Luis Vecchio.

For those who dig: cosmic funk, free-jazz, avant-garde late 70s experimentation, flanging synths, primitive sci-fi themes. 


After a few years in London, where he worked with Archie Shepp and recorded a sought-after album for the famed library music label De Wolfe, Argentinian pianist Luis Vecchio settled in the island of Gran Canaria following advice from a superior entity from outer space. Vecchio subsequently opened the first jazz school in the Canary Islands, effectively planting the seed of jazz in the archipelago.

In Contactos, recorded in 1978 in the Mayra studio owned by Ramiro González, Vecchio gives a free jazz account of his contacts with Adionesis, who delivers his ominous message upon the human race on side B of the album. Fellow Argentinean Fernando Bermúdez on percussion and Japanese bass player Yoichi Yahiro complete the line-up of Contactos.

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