Crowd Can Talk/Dressed In Trenches: 12" Vinyl
Crowd Can Talk/Dressed In Trenches: 12" Vinyl

Crowd Can Talk/Dressed In Trenches: 12" Vinyl

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Label: Matador
Release Date: 7th July

You get those young bands don't you, with their early EPs and singles that sound like raw uncut diamonds, enchanting, full of promise but the rawness but that uncut that danger of cutting yourself on the edge, not yet refined but utterly free... I'm stepping away from the diamond nonsense. Lifeguard's first two eps are here as a sweet twofer. Their music has a melodic intensity, they're alive with a post-hardcore-postpunk-post indie-post noise sound that just sounds like every band you should ever like.

"Formed in 2019, Lifeguard are Asher Case (bass, vocals), Isaac Lowenstein (drums, percussion), and Kai Slater (guitar, vocals). At their core, Lifeguard are a punk band. Their music is loud and energetic. They’re also, at their core, visceral and hypnotic. For the Chicago-based trio that can include repetition and blasts of speaker cone-shredding feedback. Their songs adeptly balance melody and chaos, rhythm and drone. Hooks and noise are held to the same standard. Both have to stick. They’re a young band, but they’ve already found a place at the forefront of an important emerging music community in their hometown. They are quite prolific. In just three years, Lifeguard have put out a full-length, two EPs, and two 7” singles. Matador Records release ‘Crowd Can Talk/Dressed In Trenches’, a composite of two EPs by Lifeguard. ‘Crowd Can Talk’ was originally released in the summer of 2022 by Chicago label Born Yesterday, while ‘Dressed In Trenches’ features five brand new and unreleased songs."

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