Did You Give The World Some Love: Vinyl LP

Did You Give The World Some Love: Vinyl LP

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Label: Mr Bongo
Release Date: 11th March

There are some records that are essential parts of your record collection, not in a 'oh you have to own Abbey Road' kind of way but in that everyone needs that album you pull out when a friend is over or you're DJing out that has them heavy hitting funk breaks, that big jazz pop sound, that tender folk sound and some hard blues rock. You're gonna need a record with all that and more, so you better be packing Doris next time you have a friend round or you're pulling out records for a set.

For those who dig: big brassy breaks and sampleable folk, soul, jazz, funk and rock.

This was Doris’ jazz album though it contains more than a hint of Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin and the like. Backed by her husband Lukas Lindholm on bass she was able to lay down some seriously funky bass lines on tracks like Don't and Beatmaker. On You Never Come Closer, an experimental track that was way ahead of its time, Janne Carlsson unleashes a fearsome sound on drums helped by Bernot Egerladh on organ.

1. Did You Give The World Some Love Today,Baby
2. I Wish I Knew
3. Grey Rain Of Sweden
4. Waiting At The Station
5. Don't
6. Daisies
7. You Never Come Closer
8. Whispering Pine
9. I'm Pushing You Out
10. Won't You Take Me To The Theatre
11. Beatmaker
12. Bath

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