Dumb EPs: Translucent Green Vinyl LP

Dumb EPs: Translucent Green Vinyl LP

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Label: Sonic Cathedral
Release Date: 2nd September

Dummy have never not been delivering highly concentrated doses of perfect-psychedelic-kosmiche-drone pop. Their two EPs prior to ace debut 'Mandatory Enjoyment' are collected on 'Dumb EPs' and is everything you'd expect from those warm and fuzzy guitars, juggernaut drums and bright keyboards. 

For those who dig: we can't not mention Stereolab and Broadcast here but also must mention CAN, The Sounsdcarriers, Ghostbox Records, The Free Design, Slowdive...

LA five-piece Dummy follow last year’s acclaimed debut album ‘Mandatory Enjoyment’ (released by Trouble In Mind) and their recent single for Sub Pop with ‘Dumb EPs’, a compilation of their first two EPs from 2020, remastered especially for vinyl by Simon Scott from Slowdive.‘EP1’ was recorded from late 2019 and released in May 2020, both digitally and on a tape by Maryland punk label Pop Wig. It became a lockdown essential, and despite the pandemic the band managed to record the follow-up, ‘EP2’, remotely using smart phones. It was released in November 2020 by the Chicago label Born Yesterday. Together, the ten tracks that comprise the EPs manage to show off all of the band’s broad range of influences – from Stereolab-style drone-pop to baroque psych, chamber folk, noisy shoegaze and Japanese ambient and new age – which have made them one of the most exciting new bands to come out of the US for years.“We remain super proud of these EPs,” says the band’s Joe Trainor. “They were mostly self-recorded, and we were still discovering our sound and each other as a group. ‘Mandatory Enjoyment’ wouldn’t sound the way it sounded if it weren’t for all the time and trial and error we spent on the EPs.”

1. Angel’s Gear
2. Avant Garde Gas Station 3. Slacker Mask 4. Folk Song 5. Touch The Chimes 6. Thursday Morning 7. Pool Dizzy 8. Nuages 9. Mediocre Garden 10. Second Contact 11. Prime Mover Unmoved

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