Dungeon Master: Vinyl LP
Gus Englehorn

Dungeon Master: Vinyl LP

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Label: Secret City Records
Release Date: 8th April

Gus has lead some Forrest Gump life; he grew up in Alaska eating moose, then moved to Hawaii to live on a volcano grid, then he became a famous snowboarder, then he married, made music with his wife, lives in a cabin and now he's released one of the most charming and fascinating pop records of the year. Gus is the 'Dungeon Master', he's an artist with a sense of childhood wonder living in a world of dogs dreaming of being a man and a man dreaming of being a dog. 
I'm addicted to this record already, I just want to live in Gus's world.

For those who dig: Daniel Johnston, Pixies, Car Seat Headrest...

Before Montreal singer-songwriter Gus Englehorn was signed to Secret City Records he lived in a cabin in the woods and wrote Dungeon Master, the cutest, heaviest, strangest rock'n'roll record you will hear this year. Before he moved to the cabin he fell in love — in Salt Lake City, Utah - with a girl from Québec, whom he married one Friday the 13th. She would go on to become his drummer.

Before he met the girl - her name's Estée Preda by the way, she plays like Moe Tucker on salvia - Gus crisscrossed the globe as a world-class snowboarder. He shredded the gnar, he appeared in weird-ass videos, he made the covers of magazines and got sponsored by a company that manufactured sunglasses.

But before that he lived in Hawaii - on a lava field, off the grid, with his parents and two brothers. And before that in Alaska - in a hamlet called Ninilchik, where his parents fished for salmon, and he and his brothers ate moose, and pizza, and played Nintendo, and also pretended to be wizards. All normal. All ordinary. "Dog dreaming of being a man / and a man dreaming of being a dog," Gus Englehorn sings. "Run rabbit run!"

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