Fall In Love Not In Line: Black Inside Clear Vinyl LP
Kids On A Crime Spree

Fall In Love Not In Line: Black Inside Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: Slumberland Records
Release Date: 28th January

If you've ever dreamt of a power pop Jesus & Mary Chain your sweetest wishes have just come true courtesy of yet another(!) ace indie group from the Bay Area and naturally they're on Slumberland Records. A giddy immediate rush of wall of sound rnb with the immediacy of power pop - hook us up.

For those who dig: Veronica Falls, Jesus & Mary Chain, Wall of Sound RnB pop, Colleen Green, Black Tambourine, indie bands from the Bay Area out on Slumberland records, c86 indie...

Oakland, CA's Kids On A Crime Spree have spent the last decade crafting a compact but potent discography that shows a deep love of 60s Brill Building songwriting, 70s power-pop, bubblegum glam/pop, the Ramones and of course the seminal sonic overload and pop pathos of Phil Spector's legendary productions.

With each release head Kid Mario Hernandez -- along with drummer Becky Barron, and guitarist Bill Evans -- have put a more and more unique stamp on the music they love and gathered a rather devoted fanbase doing so. Now back with a new record, Kids give us something their fans have always wanted ... more! "Fall In Love Not In Line" is a 10-song full-length record, a first for them. Cut at 45rpm, the album clocks in at a brisk 25 minutes, and it's a solid assemblage of noise- pop exuberance in all respects. Hernandez sought to move even farther from their influences, and the thick, rich sound that the band has put to tape (analog, of course) shows more warmth and some darker textures than in previous efforts; more shifting of tempos and melodies; a unity of purpose that can only come from years of playing together and listening to each other. The result is thoroughly modern power-pop that  wears it's love of the classics lightly, finding new paths through familiar territory.

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