Four: Yellow Vinyl LP
Four: Yellow Vinyl LP
Bloc Party

Four: Yellow Vinyl LP

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Label: PIAS Recordings Catalogue
Release Date: 5th July

Album number erm FOUR and sonically their most diverse to the point.

Embark on a sonic journey with Bloc Party's "Four," recorded after the band's hiatus from 2008-2011, now reissued on 1LP yellow vinyl in 2024. This album pays homage to the classics that established Bloc Party as revolutionary indie rockers.

Lyrically, "Four" explores vibrant themes ranging from the New York drug scene to reality television, echoing the band's trademark introspection and social commentary. Departing from electronic experimentation, Bloc Party returns to a guitar-driven sound, infusing "Four" with confidence and energy. With its pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies, "Four" is a testament to Bloc Party's evolution and enduring influence in the indie rock scene. 

A1. So He Begins 
A2. 3 X 3 
A3. Octopus 
A4. Real Talk 
A5. Kettling 
A6. Day Four
B1. Coliseum 
B2. V.A.L.I.S.
B3. Team A 
B4. Truth
B5. The Healing 
B6. We Are Not Good People 
B7. Ratchet
B8. Obscene 
B9. French Exit 
B10. Montreal 
B11. Children of the Future 

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