Graham's General Store: Vinyl LP
Christo Graham

Graham's General Store: Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 1st July

This record gives us such a wholesome warm feeling inside, its this family band's car stereo, the kitchen radio, the living room record player and the soft rock and country pop sounds that came from them as a love letter to their childhood and presented to their mother and father on their 43rd wedding anniversary. 

For those who dig: Eagles, Beatles, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, soft AOR radio sounds and the timeless sound of small town America.

Written in early 2020, and inspired by childhood memories of their forborne General Store in Bishop's Mills ON - 'Front Porch' is a family production that thrums with alt-roots and Americana warmth
The music also reflects much of the influences that informed Graham's musical education - with nods to The Beatles, Dolly Parton and Lyle Lovett. In fact, the entire new album serves as a time capsule filled with precious memories that only come with being born, raised and homeschooled together in a house in the woods a kilometer from the nearest neighbour. It was these memories and moments that culminated in 'Graham's General Store' and it was presented to their parents as a surprise for their 43rd wedding anniversary.


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