Hellfire: Clear Red Vinyl LP
Hellfire: Clear Red Vinyl LP
black midi

Hellfire: Clear Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Rough Trade
Release Date: 15th July

Why bother describing black midi's sound? We're approaching a third record, you've either clicked to their maximal collision of prog(it's not prog), art rock (not art rock), jazz (not jazz) and noise rock (not noise rock). Few bands today with such a unique and thoroughly enjoyable sound as bm.

black midi’s new album Hellfire will be released on 15th July. Hellfire builds on the melodic and harmonic elements of Cavalcade, while expanding the brutality and intensity of their debut, Schlagenheim. It is their most thematically cohesive and intentional album yet.

Eat Men Eat
Welcome To Hell
The Race Is About To Begin
Dangerous Liaisons
The Defence
27 Questions

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