Hex: Pink Vinyl LP
Jon McKiel

Hex: Pink Vinyl LP

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Label: You've Changed
Release Date: 3rd May

Long awaited follow-up to cult psych-soft-pop collage classic 'Bobby Joe Hope' Jon McKiel returns with another perfect country chamber cosmic pop record that sounds like he's recorded him dreaming the perfect hazy Laurel Canyon psychedelic country record.

Cult songwriter Jon McKiel returns from the depths of the rural Atlantic shore with 'Hex', a bloodshot pop record that reflects the cursed timelines we're all living through - It's steeped in our dystopian present, but tempered by a genuine sense of longing and tenderness - Sounding like a Gene Clark flip by Bobby Digital, Hex reunites Jon with producer and collaborator Jay Crocker (JOYFULTALK), the same duo behind the 2020 underground classic Bobby Joe Hope

Hex is equal parts flower field and burning building, butterflies rise from the daisy beds while distant wreaths of smoke vandalize the horizon.


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