Hidden Waters : Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio De Janeiro: Double Vinyl LP
Various Artists

Hidden Waters : Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio De Janeiro: Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Mr Bongo
Release Date: 12th May

Praise be Mr Bongo for their decades work bringing Brazilian sounds of the 60s/70s/80s to us British, we have them to thank for affirming legendary status for Arthur Verocai, Gal Costa, Seu Jorge, Marcos Valle and more but what's happening now? Well shed loads, too much forward-thinking, groundbreaking and otherworldly talents to just focus on Brazil as a whole, so on this comp the focus is just on Rio De Janiero and how it's going OFF over there. Prepare for the jump-oof for your new obsession with the current bossa nova, jazz, lofi rock, psych rock, salsa and avant garde of modern Brazil - it's a hell of a scene.

The popularity of Brazilian music from the 60s, 70s and 80s has experienced quite the renaissance; artists such as Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Arthur Verocai, Joyce et al, have become household names to an international audience passionate about global sounds.

However, even for die-hard fans and collectors of Brazilian music of the past, discovering contemporary Brazilian artists is not always easy, nor accessible. But, if you know where to look, you will see that there is a resurgence well underway that can be epitomised by an exciting new wave of Brazilian artists beginning to break through and gather momentum overseas. It's with thanks to Sound and Colours, a website devoted to promoting Latin American music and culture, that we can help shine a light on one particular collective, bursting with creativity and camaraderie.

'Hidden Waters: Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio de Janeiro' is compiled by Joe Osborne (founder of specialist Brazilian music platform Brazilian Wax) and Russ Slater (editor at large of Sounds and Colours). Focusing solely on the 'Rio Scene', rather than taking on the mammoth task of tackling Brazil as a whole, this collection presents 20-plus ground-breaking artists selected from Rio's resurgent music scene. By presenting a snapshot into the pulse of the city and the vibrant musicians that live in it, 'Hidden Waters' collates tracks from a wide spectrum of musical genres from the avant-garde edge to bossa nova, samba, Candomblé, lo-fi rock, jazz and funk.

'Hidden Waters' showcases musicians such as iconic Rio mainstays Negro Leo & Ava Rocha, Brazilian jazz upstart Antônio Neves, critically lauded Avant-pop trailblazer Thiago Nassif, breakthrough artists Ana Frango Elétrico and Letrux, lo-fi psych rocker Lê Almeida, plus the Latin Grammy-winning Bala Desejo who are set to explode onto the world stage. The music featured on 'Hidden Waters' is unequivocally Brazilian, swelling with samba, bossa nova, funk, and jazz. But it's within the album's blend; from sunny psychedelia to dusky synth-pop via experimental electronics, that marks the compilation as the sound of modern, multicultural Rio.

This comprehensive compilation comes with album artwork designed by Rio music's leading album artwork designer, Caio Paiva. It features essays by professor and music critic Bernardo Oliveira and music journalist Leonardo Lichote, plus extensive notes on each track by the artists themselves.
Featuring ground-breaking artists from Rio's resurgent music scene, intent on bringing an avant-garde edge to bossa nova, samba, jazz and funk.

Ana Frango Elétrico - Saudade
Pedro Fonte - Clichê
Bala Desejo - Lua Comanche
Ava Rocha - Boca do Céu
Exército de Bebês - Avós da Experiência
Thiago Nassif - Soar Estranho (feat. Arto Lindsay, Vinicius Cantuária & Gabriela Riley) 
Negro Leo - Mulato
Mari Romano - Amélie
Dora Morelenbaum - Vento de Beirada
Cadu Tenório & Juçara Marçal - Candombe - La Cacundê Iauê
Jonas Sa - Gigolô
Troá - Bandeide
Marcelo Callado - Simbora (feat. Silvia Machete)
Ovo Ou Bicho - Moços
Lê Almeida - Apreço Antigo
Vovô Bebê - Briga de Família (feat. Ana Frango)
Joana Queiroz - Dois Litorais
Raquel Dimantas - Flecha Azul
António Neves & Thiaguinho Silva - Das Neves
Letrux - Dorme Com Essa / Os Ritmistas - Sambolero

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