House Of Arches: Vinyl LP
Amir Bresler

House Of Arches: Vinyl LP

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Label: Raw Tapes Records
Release Date: April 29th

Well if this isn't just one of the best jazz/psych/cosmic funk records we've heard all year. Coming out of Tel Aviv via some other astral plane from the polyrhtymic beat conductor and drummer Amir Bresler, Tel Aviv's most versatile drummer who brings together elements of prog, psych rock, free jazz, folk and afro-rock to this mind-expanding debut album.

For those who dig: BBNG, Glass Beams, Flying Lotus and any other members of the modern reinvention of jazz-fusion.

In November 2020, with the entire world locked down at home, Amir Bresler was itching to create - He'd spent years onstage, but never released a full solo album
A friend's invitation brought him to a rural village outside Tel Aviv, and the move lit a spark: Bresler set up shop in the village's local auditorium named 'The House of Arches', and planned single-day sessions with different combinations of Tel Aviv's finest, including keyboardist/ producer Rejoicer, Yemen Blues frontman Ravid Kahalani, bassist Gilad Abro, pianist Nomok and trumpeter Sefi Zisling. For nearly a week, crews of friends drove north and dug into psychedelic jazz and funk, all built upon Bresler's polyrhythmic beats. They captured spontaneous bursts of energy ' free-form jams in the morning reigned into tight, mesmerizing grooves in the afternoon. Those six compositions ' each recorded live in one day ' make up House of Arches, Amir Bresler's first solo LP, out on Raw Tapes, with grooves as deep as the Mediterranean where it was conceived.

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