House of Confusion: Pink Vinyl LP
Trace Mountains

House of Confusion: Pink Vinyl LP

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Label: Lame-O-Records
Release Date: 11th March 2022

Trace Mountains make songs like lush mountainous American landscapes, on previous records you could really sense a sweep of the epic, made for some incredible moments. On 'House of Confusion' this country rock Bob Ross landscape is a little more stripped back, the instrumentation more live than studio large. You feel like you're with the band jamming in a cabin in the woods. With that said the choruses are still sticky af, there's some beautiful one liners and the lapsteel has us swooning. 

For those who dig: Tom Petty, Another Michael, Field Medic, a more subtle indie lead Americana...


HOUSE OF CONFUSION is Trace Mountains’ third album & the rugged, earthier follow-up companion to 2020’s Lost in the Country. The songs & arrangements on HOUSE OF CONFUSION lean ever-more into the rootsier impulses of Lost in the Country, relying heavily on live recording & instrumentation that features the acoustic guitar & pedal steel. This shift reveals a new, understated complexity within the songs & the tangible, tactile nature of the performances, evoking the free-flowing nature of influences like Tom Petty or Built to Spill, all-throughout imbued with the energy of Country icon Emmylou Harris’ cult classic & band favorite, Wrecking Ball. The album is comprised of road songs, rock songs, country songs, religious songs, disco songs, satanic songs, jams & simple tunes, laid out in careful presentation — to use at your leisure.

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