Ifetayo: Vinyl LP
Black Truth Rhythm Band

Ifetayo: Vinyl LP

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Label: Soundway
Release Date: 9th February

Caribbean Afro-Funk offering up the limberness and chill vibrations with hard grooving African heavy rock influences and the odd steel pan thrown in for Trinidadian flavour. Banging.

Soundway presents a long-awaited remaster and re-cut of the 1976 album 'Ifetayo' by Black Truth Rhythm Band, an important and overlooked chapter in Trinidad's rich musical history that blends West African influences with jazz, funk and the social commentary of the calypso tradition

Led by the charismatic Oluko Imo, the group drew on the strong connections to Yoruba culture and Orisa traditions in Trinidad, looking to Africa for inspiration and reflecting the burgeoning Black Power movement of the time.

Recorded at KH studios in Port of Spain, Ifetayo (Yoruba for 'Love excels all') was the group's sole album release. Imo contributed lead vocals and played bass, kalimba, conga, flute and percussion, channelling music from both sides of the Atlantic into a distinctive and unique slice of Afro Trinidadian expression.

Includes bonus track "Imo" not included on the original LP.

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