III: Vinyl LP
Mandalai Lamas

III: Vinyl LP

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Label: Cement Mixer
Release Date: 2nd December

Some of that hard living, big riffing and strong drinking rock n roll, the simple pleasures of a band that sound alive on record is often the hardest sweet spot to hit but Mandalai Lamas don't just hit it they give it a good kicking.

For those who dig: The Faces, The Hiss, The Von Bondies, The D4, The MC5, The Dictators, Johnny Thunders... 

Mandalai Lamas sound as massive and hard as the great mountains of
their native Norway - With loud guitars and catchy riffs, the band brings something fresh and edgy in their homage to the music of the sixties and seventies, making them feel like a long awaited revitalization of old school rock and roll
A live band in its truest sense, Mandalai Lamas will turn you on with songs that are soaked in sweat and beer and performed with raw power.

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