Interior: Vinyl LP

Interior: Vinyl LP

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Label: WRWTFWW Records
Release Date: 29th July

The headline is 'Haruomi Hosono produced' sought-after record and that's the sales hook and WHAT A HOOK but lets focus on the band Interior and their charming af ambient new age soft funk pop. Sure Haruomi knows how to bring that warmth and charm out of what could be a quite sterile and inhuman sound but the tunes on this have a sense of tenderness, fun and depth you don't always see in ambient and new age synth music of the 80s. 

For those who dig: Japanese ambient synth instrumental pop and soft funk. Essentially the J-Pop and City Pop LITA comps from the last few years.

WRWTFWW Records is very happy to announce the official vinyl reissue of the highly sought-after Haruomi Hosono-produced Interior self-titled debut, originally released in 1982 on legendary label Yen Records. The LP comes in a heavy 350gsm sleeve.

Interior is Daisuke Hinata, Eiki Nonaka, Mitsuru Sawamura, and Tsukasa Betto. Their classic 1982 debut, produced by Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono, is one of a kind - a very rare breed of feel-good ambient music blending instrumental synth-pop, soft electronic minimalism, and cozy sound design in the most heartwarming ways. It evokes the intimate pleasures of daydreaming in a hotel lobby, holding hands in a museum, or napping by the pool. It depicts the urban landscape as a caring environment, where simplicity and repetition is mind soothing and smile inducing.
Interior takes you into an alternate reality, where nostalgic modernism makes the present time feel like the fondest memories.
The unique sound of Interior caught the attention of William Ackerman and Anne Robinson who re-released the album in 1985 on their famed label Windham Hill Records (with a slightly different tracklisting) and then proceeded to put out their follow-up, Design, in 1987.
After that, members of the group continued their careers separately, Daisuke Hinata notably recording an overlooked but absolutely amazing solo album, Tarzanland, in 1988.

A1. Technobose
A2. Giant Steps
A3. Flamengo
A4. N.F.G.
B1. Reply
B2. Timeless
B3. Cold Beach
B4. Luft
B5. Ascending
B6. Park

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