It Ain’t Easy 1992-1996: Vinyl LP
Jesse Hector

It Ain’t Easy 1992-1996: Vinyl LP

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Label: Just Add Water
Release Date: 30th July

Jesse Hector is a proper cult music figure, leader of the hard rocking proto-metal meets garage band Gorillas in the 70s, he came back in the 90s from a hiatus and kept near enough the same sound but tweaked to sound rawer and heavier than before. 'It Ain't Easy' collects his 90s output, which is arguably his best and retains an authentic rock swagger and raw production that you'd rarely hear in the 90s. 

For those who dig: Immediate and fun heavy rock garage boogies. The. MC5 plus the pub rock scene of Dr. Feelgood, Johnny Moped...

It goes without saying that we are devoted disciples of JESSE HECTOR. We already have both HELTER SKELTER and HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS in our catalog.

This album gathers Jesse Hector wild 90s recordings, which were an unbelievable return to form after a decade away from the music biz. Jesse hadn’t lost a step and was backed most-ably by the gents in both THE SOUND and later THE GATECRASHERS. Jesse has graciously offered us three unreleased songs that have never appeared anywhere before. Hail Rock n Roll! Hail Jesse Hector.

Side A:
1. It Ain't Easy *first time on vinyl
2. Carolina
3. It's You
4. Take A Little Love **unreleased
5. In My Soul
6. Down By The River *first time on vinyl
7. I Can't Make You **unreleased

Side B:
1. Running Wild
2. Leavin' Town
3. I Need Loving
4. I'm Gonna Change The World *first time on vinyl
5. Lies You Told
6. Back Off **unreleased
7. Summertime Blues

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