La Luna: Vinyl LP
Daniel Romano

La Luna: Vinyl LP

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Label: You've Changed
Release Date: 23rd September

Daniel Romano is operating on an alternative musical universe, making the kind of records that sound like classics pulled from a parallel time of pop culture, whether he's pulling out country heartbreakers, Dylan and the band rock n rollers or on this, the kind of high concept, epic psychedelic folk meeting orchestral prog and glam rock pomp with a record sleeve seemingly designed for rolling papers on. 

For those who dig: a meticulous musical mind producing the best albums of the 70s but now. Epic psychedelic folk concept records.

Consisting of a single massive song in 12 individual parts, plus pulse quickening overture and truly grand finale, La Luna is an unprecedented artistic achievement by one of contemporary music's most ambitious and consistently surprising practitioners

CHANGED Daniel Romano sets his visionary poetry to exuberant tune - It is epic, immaculately and extravagantly arranged, and truly cinematic (a full length film of La Luna starring fellow You've Changed Records recording artist Julie Doiron in the lead role will debut in the fall of 2022.)

La Luna is a hymnal or scroll for modern seekers, brought to life by the impeccably skilled Outfit, with swagger and joy, including star turns on lead vocals by Julianna Riolino, and newest member Carson McHone (Merge Records) in addition to Daniel's own powerful vocals. Transcendently melodic, undeniably classic and shockingly contemporary, La Luna synthesizes teachings from the sacred texts of rock and roll and psychedelic-folk (Beatles, Fairport Convention, even the Stones, Queen....) into a new testament for a new time.

La Luna arrives in a beautiful double- tip- on gatefold jacket, featuring original artwork by Daniel Romano and the full verse and measure of the lyrics.

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