Let Sound Tell All: Vinyl LP
Julius Rodriguez

Let Sound Tell All: Vinyl LP

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Label: Verve
Release Date: 10th June

A young jazz protege who mastered the classics and the fundamentals at the prestigious Julliard School but perfected his craft and added 'you can teach this' soul as member of the Onyx Collective and working with Wu Tang and ASAP Rocky. His jazz style is of no particular birthparent more the meeting of other-earthly talented and a travelled spiritual hip hop funk.

For those who dig: BBNG, The Internet, Cisco Swank, Floating Points and a psych jazz hip hop instrumental sound and modern UK Jazz.

The debut album from accomplished and highly respected young jazz multi-instrumentalist Julius Rodriguez. Enrolled at Manhattan School of Music's pre-college division at age 12, he later went on to study at The Julliard School after which he became a member of Onyx Collective - a popular NYC jazz group who has collaborated with members of the Wu Tang Clan and toured with ASAP Rocky. Let Sound Tell All is a singular expression of the in-betweens that materialize in today’s musical spaces. For Julius and the vanguard, it’s less a digital dissolution of genres we often read about, than a thoughtful realignment of tradition by a generation who hears disparate things fitting together in a way their elders can not. They aren’t sure what to call it, or where it fits, but they know it’s important for the world to hear it and to have it.

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