L'Idiophone: Vinyl LP
Forever Pavot

L'Idiophone: Vinyl LP

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Label: Born Bad Records 
Release Date: 24th March

A self-proclaimed 'studio rat' Forever Pavot presents an album that's less a collection of songs songs and more gripping nuggets of French cinema. His voice is like soft but direct, the dulcet Gallic tones hotly melting into your ears with espionage movie funk, tense synth-string sci-fi drama, drippy horror psych with them deep basslines, breaks and tinkling harpsichord baroque pop romance.
It's an ode to a golden age of cinema soundtracks before barely noticeable background drones.

For those who dig: Serge Gainsbourg, Sven Wunder, Air's 'Virgin Suicides' soundtrack, Italian Horror and Crime Soundtracks of the 60s and 70s...

On 'L'Idiophone', the art of storytelling by Emile Sornin, better known as Forever Pavot, takes about only three minutes to unfold
Each composition features the full soundtrack of a carefully dehydrated movie. The album was produced in close collaboration with Vincent Taeger (drums), Maxime Daoud (bass) and Sami Osta (production and mixing). Beside the appearances of keyboard, brass and strings, flute has also been added, played by Arnaud Sèche. Comes with 12-page booklet.

Dans La Voiture
Au Diable 
Les Informations
Du Pipeau
Au Bal Des Traitres
La Main Dans Le Sac
Les Enjambés
La Mer À Boire
Or Et Argent
L'idiophone Du Moyen- âge
Un Oeil Dans la Serrure
Dans Mes Cordes
Au Fond

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