Life And Life Only (Expanded Edition): Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl LP
The Heavy Heavy

Life And Life Only (Expanded Edition): Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl LP

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Label: ATO Records
Release Date: 19th May

Tell ya what's a hard sweet spot to hit, doing that old blues rock n roll soul with a bit of roots without sounding like a naff novelty retro band you'd expect to see at a Vintage Car Festival. The Heavy Heavy are legit a tunes and song first and that old school swagger second, it's less retro/vintage thrift store and more timeless like digging out your Fleetwood Mac and Stones records. 

Led by the freewheeling vision of Will Turner and Georgie Fuller, The Heavy Heavy “write and play music with that lick of madness that makes early Fleetwood Mac and peak Stones so thrilling” (The Guardian), blending Turner’s roots as a studio musician with Fuller’s operatic, irresistibly raspy vocal range and background in the London theatre.

This expanded edition of their debut EP ‘Life And Life Only’ features runaway hits like the Top 5 AAA radio-charting ‘Miles and Miles’, current Top 15 breakout ‘Go Down River’, and rapturous opener ‘All My Dreams’, in addition to hypnotic, harmony- laden takes on Father John Misty’s ‘Real Love Baby’, Crosby, Stills & Nash’s ‘Guinnevere’ and a previously unheard rendition of Jonathan Wilson’s ‘Desert Raven’, plus a roaring live recording of ‘Man of The Hills’ and an acoustic arrangement of ‘Go Down River’.

All My Dreams
Go Down River
Man of the Hills
Miles and Miles
Sleeping On Grassy 
Why Don’t You Call
Desert Raven
Man of the Hills (Live)
Real Love Baby
Go Down River (Acoustic)

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