Live Vol 2: 180g Double Vinyl LP
Live Vol 2: 180g Double Vinyl LP

Live Vol 2: 180g Double Vinyl LP

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Label: Because
Release Date: 20th October

I can't be the only one who thought Parcels were French, right? They have that Parisian cool, that sleek yet chill groove, they're on Because and have done stuff with Daft Punk... couldn't be further from the country, being from Oz. I'm not alone? Anyway, they're so super tight on record, their music so meticulous yet free, the kind of band you know are gonna slap live and they do, because in 2023 only bands that slap release Live records, let alone begin a series of them. Vol. 2 brings tracks from their epic Day/Night album into their setlist and naturally, it's killer.

Following ‘Live vol 01’ from 2020, ‘Live vol 02” offers a different and new artistic proposal.

Parcels , as never heard before , reinvent themselves live and adapt their music for the club..

‘Live Vol 02’ has been performed & recorded during  a secret gig at Le Palace, Paris , in October 2022 .

The double heavy weight vinyl  includes the full + 1 hour show with no less than 5 new songs live premiered : Entrance, React, Ascend, Recast & Transcend.


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