Long Cool World: Cream Vinyl LP
North Americans

Long Cool World: Cream Vinyl LP

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Label: Third Man Records
Release Date: 7th April

Sit me back on a pillowy cloud and float me down a rainbow river, that's what I feel like ding listening to North Americans, the cosmic country folk duo send me to a wonderland that feels both of earth and space - what a lovely place to be.

For those who dig: William Tyler, Hayden Pedigo, Bobby Lee, Jeffrey Silverstein, Chuck Johnson...

Long Cool World is a blissful collection of instrumental folk tunes from Patrick McDermott and Barry Walker. This is the studio follow up to 2020's well-received, Roped In, which was covered by Uncut, Pitchfork, Shindig!, No Depression, Flood, LA Times, Glide, Mojo, and Aquarium Drunkard .

Where Roped In was constructed in isolation with the two partners sharing their parts digitally, Long Cool World is the second collaboration for the song writing duo but the first where they actually recorded together in person, attempting to inject a more human element to the overall sound.

North Americans continues to tip-toe the line between folk and ambient, carving out their space in the cosmic pastoral genre. Their ultimate goal being to mimic the rhythm and beauty of the small everyday moments in our lives.

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