Machine: Vinyl LP

Machine: Vinyl LP

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Label: WeWantSounds
Release Date: 2nd September

$5000 this record can fetch, that's mad, right? If someone is willing to curl out that kind of money they must want that funk real bad? Luckily the good folk at WeWantSounds are here to save you some money and put this elite and hard af funk monster onto your turntable. Not joking when we're saying this goes in like the best Sly, George Clinton, Psych Soul era Temptations, Undisputed Truth funk record - IT GOES IN!

One of rarest funk albums on the international scene originally released
in 1972 and reissued on vinyl for the first time in decades, it's been newly
remastered with original artwork including new liner notes by Charles

Machine's self-titled album is shrouded in mystery. Supposedly released in 1972
on All Platinum Records, it completely disappeared without a trace and only a few
copies seem to have survived, making it one of the rarest Funk albums on the
planet. The album, only known to a handful of hardcore collectors, fetches prices
in excess of $5000 whenever one turns up on the auction market, which
happened four times in the last twenty years. Consisting of three young session
musicians backing their label mates The Whatnauts, the group display a superb
mix of socially conscious hard-hitting funk and earthy soul, the album is reissued
here in its original artwork and remastered by Colorsound Studio in Paris. It
includes a 2-page insert with new liner notes by Charles Waring.

Nobody seems to have an explanation as to why this elusive album is so rare
fuelling rumours it actually never came out. We will probably never know the full
story of Machine, but Wewantsounds is glad to make up for this injustice and put
this funky gem back into circulation for the pleasure of all the soul and funk

  1. Time Is Running Out
  2. Only People Can Save The World
  3. Why Can't People (Be Colors Too?)
  4. Headhunter
  5. World
  6. Trails
  7. Lock Your Door
  8. Boots In The Snow

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