MLDE: Red Vinyl LP
Marxist Love Disco Ensemble

MLDE: Red Vinyl LP

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Label: Mr Bongo 
Release Date: 16th September

You think an act called 'Marxist Love Disco Ensemble' is going to bypass us? No chance! We lap up this 70s Eastern European synth funk recreation with it's bright and zappy synths, bass lines you could chew on for days and the flavour never dulls, that 80s clean jazz pop, the hint of disco turning into house. This record makes me want to buy a jazzy sweatshirt with geometric shapes and squiggles.

For those who dig: Euro disco, 80s funk pop, Kit Sebastian, exotica space psych disco.

Sounding simultaneously from the past, the present, and the future, the
debut album 'MLDE' by Marxist Love Disco Ensemble seeks to eradicate
both the trite from disco and the sobriety from political music.

Half poetic, half tongue-in-cheek, this stunning compact eight-track
album is infuenced by Eastern European and Mediterranean 70s disco

In the words of band member Paolo, ''it was written in response to hearing 'I love
America' by Patrick Juvet. The song prompted the question: why does disco, a
genre originally created by oppressed minorities, eventually become synonymous
with American capitalist excess?" MLDE seeks to break this connection.

Merging disco, post-disco 80s pop, and boogie into the fold, 'MLDE' was recorded
using only analogue instruments, giving it warmth and space. Recorded on
cassette, ¼ and ½ inch tape, this gives moments of lo-fi abstraction between the
beats of an aggressive, tight drum kit. Instruments used for this recording range
from saxophone, trumpet, harpsichord, guitar, and rare analogue synthesisers.
The bass sound is shaped by early 80s boogie records, whilst the influence of
artists such as Hamlet Minassian can be heard in some of MLDE's more driving
disco outings, such as 'Hues of Red'. In the tradition of Soviet vocal group
records, which the band has studied, some songs are sung by a vocal quartet in
homage to this tradition.

The format and message of pop and disco are commonly viewed just to entertain
and move bodies around a dancefloor; however, lyrically, the subjects range from
dialectical and historical materialism, class struggle, Marxist theory and praxis, as
well as the concept of Marxist disco music.

Adding the icing to the cake, mastering don Joker aka Liam McLean dusted the
album with his magic, giving the songs space where the room is needed, as well
as the kick and punch demanded by the modern dancefloor.

A sublime album influenced by Eastern European and Mediterranean 1970s disco

Recorded using only analogue instruments and mastered by Joker

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