On The Lips: Candlelight Gold Vinyl LP
Molly Lewis

On The Lips: Candlelight Gold Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 16th February

Yes we've got an album by a WHITE HOT WHISTLER and no your creepy uncle's wasn't scouted by Jagjaguwar mouth tootling 'we'll meet again' round Morrisons. This is the debut album by Molly Lewis, whose debut album offers a seductive jazz lounge monochrome exotica sheen backed by some of the finest soul and funk musicians doing it including Roge, members of BBNG and Thee Sacred Souls, El Michels Affair and produced by Thomas Brenneck of Menehan Street Band. It's an enchanting listen, we're delighted to see the old art of whistling back.


Consider this your invitation to Café Molly, a lounge bar like they don’t make them anymore. The lights are low, the martinis are ice cold, the banquettes are velvet, and the stage is set for the electrifying talent of whistler Molly Lewis. After the exotica stylings of The Forgotten Edge EP and the tropicalia-indebted Mirage EP, Molly wanted to encapsulate the sound of Café Molly for her debut album On The Lips, a dreamy tribute to classic mood music, it conjures up misty visions of classic Hollywood jazz clubs, Italian cinema soundtracks and lingering embraces between lovers. Recorded with producer Thomas Brenneck of the Menahan Street Band at his newly-built Diamond West Studios in Pasadena, and with something of an open door policy during the sessions, a stream of acclaimed musicians ended up across the album’s 10 tracks, including Nick Hakim, Latin Grammy-nominated Brazilian guitarist Rogê, Leland Whitty and Chester Hansen of Canadian instrumental group Badbadnotgood, Chicano soul group Thee Sacred Souls appear on the melancholy ‘Crushed Velvet’, experimental jazz pianist Marco Benevento and El Michels Affair’s Leon Michels. With her intoxicating compositions, and wry brand of stagecraft (she might not be singing up there, but she can sure tell a joke) Molly Lewis looks set to join her heroes in the storied lore of the Los Angeles lounge scene and beyond. So pull up a chair, order your favorite drink, and prepare to fall for On The Lips.

  1. On The Lips
  2. Lounge Lizard
  3. Crushed Velvet
  4. Slinky
  5. Moon Tan
  6. Silhouette
  7. Porque Te Vas
  8. Cocosette
  9. Sonny
  10. The Crying Game

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