Passing Through The Doorways Of Your Mind: Vinyl LP
The Psychedelic Freaks

Passing Through The Doorways Of Your Mind: Vinyl LP

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Label: La Sape
Release Date: 15th April

Ya know when Hendrix went a bit psych jazz mad for a bit in songs or when Miles Davis went a bit heavy rock or Frank Zappa got a bit soft soul, fleeting moments but aren't you just always like 'can I get a bit more of that rare cake please?'. Well, here's The Psychedelic Freaks the new project of Horatio Luna offering up as the whole meal and we're filling up on it.

For those who dig: well quite simply passing through the doorways of your mind.

The Psychedelic Freaks is a new alias of Horatio Luna's. The aptly titled debut LP 'Passing Through The Doorways Of Your Mind' is an introspective 70s fusion space odyssey.

An Afrobeat, Psychedelic jazz, funk fusion experience inspired by the Miles Davis's electric era.

Inspired by the genius of Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Dave Holland, Paul Jackson, Carol Kaye, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, and Alice Coltrane.

Special thanks to Mandarin Dreams for putting a guitar in my hands and On-Ly for putting a wah pedal in front of it.

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