Rides Yet Again: Yellow Vinyl LP
Shawn Lee

Rides Yet Again: Yellow Vinyl LP

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Label: Legere
Release Date: 27th May

Shawn Lee is a songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, singer, arranger and filmmaker who can don many musical hats and they all fit perfectly whether he's making cosmic funk, psych, hip hop beats, library music or donning more country soul flavour as on 'Rides Yet Again'. It's country in that 70s balearic disco phase where sweet harmonies met the twang of country with the groove of disco. 
Like many of Shawn Lee's projects the magic is that this record sounds like an unearthed holy grail record.

For those who dig: AOR country yacht rock disco.


Shawn Lee follows up his country-soul solo album "Rides Again", released in 2019, with an even more personal, intriguing set of songs. The US born and London based prolific singer, songwriter, musician, producer, arranger, filmmaker and author puts the story of "Rides Yet Again" in his own words.

"When the original pandemic lockdown of 2020 ascended upon the world, I found myself like many others a prisoner in my own home. I began thinking about making new music. What do I wanna do I pondered… 'Rides Again' was a personal once in a lifetime album or was it? After some reflection, I realised there was more to this story, this sound. As I eventually crept back to my studio ducking and diving all the way, I started writing and recording new songs for Rides YET Again. The lyrics heavily informed by life during lockdown, my new dog Carla and my recent health problems. I had suffered a stroke which left me with some brain damage and I struggled with Aphasia for well over a year with extremely impaired speech. It was hard … I found solace in song and a musical context to share my ups and downs. It was a beautiful place to retreat to. John Pickup brought his brilliant orchestral treatments. Also Nichol Thomson, Tom Walsh, Mike Davis & Andy Ross blessed me with their sublime horn stylings. Suffice to say I'm really quite fond of this little record. Much love to you wherever you may be."

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