Rob's Record Club Christmas Voucher
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Rob's Record Club Christmas Voucher

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Don't know what record to get your love one this Christmas? 
Let us help by gifting them...

Rob's Record Club Christmas Voucher

  • Want to get your loved one a record but don’t know what? Let us help you.
  • Gift a Rob’s Record Club Voucher and  after a brief consultation we will wrap and send out new Vinyl Records with a letter from Rob aka 'Father Waxmas' based on their tastes and record collecting journey
  • Choose how many records you would like us to send
  • We will send you a Limited Addition Records Xmas Card for you to gift on the day

Pick up the ultimate record collecting gift today from £25

This voucher is only valid to customers in the UK.

Why people love Rob's Record Club

"Thoughtful curation, lovely notes and great value. A true monthly highlight."

"The service has been great - I've been introduced to many great records, many of which I would have never checked out otherwise. The choices never feel like an afterthought, and you totally understand how they have been chosen based on your musical taste. Having a curated pick really encourages you to pay attention to the albums - some have been instant winners, while others have taken their time to get under my skin, but really rewarded repeated listens."

"Absolute legend of a man, brilliant reviewer. Get onboard with this, you won’t regret it.

"Limited Addition are amazing. Rob knows almost intuitively which records I have almost always never heard of but instantly love, and it's such a nice treat to have a shiny new record arrive in the post every month, with a loving personalised note always included. It's a brilliant service and, to be honest, probably a bargain at twice the price."

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